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Winter presents new danger to vagrants in Bosnian backwoods camp

Many transients from the Middle East and Asia living in a solidifying camp in the timberlands of Bosnia are shy of nourishment and bedding and at developing hazard as the harsh Balkan winter draws near, guide laborers state.

Winter presents new danger to vagrants in Bosnian backwoods camp

Winter presents new danger to vagrants in Bosnian backwoods camp

Bosnia has confronted an upsurge in transient numbers since Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia shut their outskirts against undocumented migration. In June, experts in the northwest Bosnian town of Bihac moved transients who were dozing harsh there to a tent settlement at Vucjak, a previous landfill site 8 km (5 miles) from the Croatian outskirt.

Help organizations have asked the specialists to close Vucjak and discover better settlement for the vagrants as the climate gets colder.

“Generally it’s reasonable what will occur. In the event that individuals remain there for the winter, individuals will pass on … in two or three days or in half a month’s time in light of the fact that the temperatures are going down quickly,” said Peter Van der Auweraert, the Western Balkans Coordinator for the International Organization for Migration.

The site needs running water and power. The close by woods are covered with landmines left over from the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s.


On a blustery late-October day, with the temperature near zero, cops controlled vagrants quarreling over the limited quantities of nourishment gave by the neighborhood Red Cross.

A few, wearing flip-slumps in the mud, washed by pouring cold water over themselves from plastic holders. Numerous detainees were not dressed comfortably enough for the chilly climate.

A few men lit a fire and prepared a supper with the Red Cross proportions. Others butchered a sheep, seeking after a progressively considerable lunch.

“I saw houses in Slovenia and Croatia for creatures that are superior to anything this camp,” said Mohammed Idriz Neeaziv from Afghanistan. “This is definitely not a camp. This isn’t for people.”

The transients have all attempted over and over to cross into Croatia, yet have been turned back at the outskirt. Many state police beat them and crush their cell phones, allegations that Croatia has denied.

Hamza from Pakistan said he had quite recently been come back to the camp by police in the wake of being kept from entering Croatia. He said he was presently stressed that the climate would deteriorate and snow would prevent him from attempting to cross once more.


In excess of 40,000 vagrants have entered Bosnia since 2018. About one fifth are youngsters. Many oversee by one way or another to make it into Western Europe.

Bosnian specialists have not had the option to settle on where to house the vagrants that are stuck in their nation. The administration says it has offered elective convenience yet provincial specialists have not concurred.

On the highest point of the emergency at the Vucjak camp, authorities in Bihac have taken steps to shut down the Bira transient focus, which is situated at an old plant in the town, in around about fourteen days.

Van der Auweraert said shutting the Bira focus would be a “terrible choice” that would add 1,300 individuals to the 2,000-2,500 who are presently not in safe convenience in this side of Bosnia.

“I do trust that reason will win at last and that specialists will permit Bira to proceed in any event for the winter since we have no choices right now,” he stated, reprimanding political pioneers for poor treatment of the emergency.

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