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China’s appeal to Reform in Iran Sanctions

China has appealed to “improvements” in the restrictions imposed by Chinese companies in the US, while accusing Iran of providing goods for nuclear program, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Jeng Shuang Said, “China has always been opposed to the one-way restrictions of the United States and the imposition of law on other countries including China.”

China’s appeal to Reform in Iran Sanctions

China's appeal to Reform in Iran Sanctions


He said, “We urge America to immediately correct this wrong view and respect the legitimate rights and interests of all parties.” The US Ministry of Finance had on Thursday banned these companies.

The United States said that these companies are located in Iran, China and Belgium. Without giving any details in this regard, the Ministry said that the purchase of such materials violates United Nations sanctions on the material used in nuclear programs. Jeng said that China opposes nuclear proliferation but also dismisses Washington’s one-sided restrictions.

On the other hand, the tension increased in the Gulf region on Friday after the US claimed to have killed a drone of Iran. The United States said that Iran’s drone was killed after the threat to the US Navy vessel at the entry of the Straits of Hermanus. It is believed that this is the first action of the American military against Iran after several serious incidents that took place between Iran and the US.

Pentagon Chief Spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said on Thursday that the US warship USS Boxer took this “defensive step” to ensure the safety of ships and crew members. On the other hand, President Donald Trump told reporters at the White House, “International Against the operation of ships in the water sector, it is the latest in the inciting and hostile movements of Iran. Is. “

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