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32 Thousand Crores Spent on Contaminated Food

Day-to-day pollution is critical, India has to pay a heavy price for contamination of food and water, and if the situation is not immediately corrected then this loss is estimated to be Rs 9,50,000 crore by 2022. Can also touch. This has been revealed in a recent joint study of ‘Foundation for Millennium Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG) and research firm Thought Arbitrage.

32 A thousand Crores Spent on Contaminated Food

32 Thousand Crores Spent on Contaminated Food

Due to compulsory water and food contamination for life, the country suffered a loss of Rs 7,37,457 crore in the year 2016-17. This huge amount is 4.8% of the country’s total GDP. If the situation is not immediately taken up, then by 2022, the loss could touch the figure of 9,50,000 crore rupees.

Studies say that it is necessary for the government, policymakers and other stakeholders to set appropriate priorities based on the food security sector. The purpose of those priorities should be to reduce the effect of food and water contamination in India effectively.

Foundation Chairman DS Rawat has said ‘Twin Burden of Communicable Diseases (CDs) and Non Communicable Diseases (SCDs): Economic Burden of Food and Water Contamination in India’ (Dual Load of Communicable Diseases and Non Communicable Diseases: Food and Water in India Issuing this study report titled ‘Financial burden impaired by contamination of India’) on Monday said that contaminated food during the year 2016-17 And the total direct expenditure on treatment of diseases caused by water was 32941 crores.

Direct medical expenses include expenses incurred for hospitalization or recruitment. Speaking of communicable diseases, the most spreading diseases due to contaminated food and water include diarrhea, respiratory disease, and other common contagious diseases. Their share of total diseases is 79.4 percent. Apart from this, the participation of diseases due to malnutrition is 17.3 percent. This is said in the report.

Rawat said that the study shows that contamination of food and water is a major danger and communicable diseases are far more dangerous than our economy and any other thing for society. Total Disability Adjusted Life Year (DALY) burden of 68.4 percent due to communicable diseases caused by food and water contamination in India in the year 2016-17. In the loss of DALV, the share of uncontrolled diseases is 31.83 percent and the remaining only 0.13 percent due to burden accidents.

He said that while international awareness is being spread to prevent diseases caused by contaminated food in the world as a serious threat to health and socio-economic development, unfortunately, this issue in India is still marginalized Is on.

To ensure the quality and safety of food and water in the report, a six-way strategy has been suggested for institutions, policymakers, farmers, manufacturers, industries, consumers and restaurants, hotels and Dhaba operators.

At the same time, scientific analysis of various contaminated elements included in the food chain, integrated workings among different branches of government, connecting the corporate units with food security / regulatory mechanisms, domestic consumption of food, according to standards of integration, ensure safety Suggestions, etc. are included as well.

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